Weapon Wielding World-ending Warriors
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The Tarot Collegium is now open for roleplaying. You are now free to invite people to this forum. I am locking all forums that are incomplete for the purpose of allowing them to be filled out. When a forum is ready for opening, pm Mattaki Setsujin and I will unlock your forum. Thank you for you time and enjoy the Guild.


 Inherit The End-Main Rp

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Mattaki Setsujin
Mattaki Setsujin

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PostSubject: Inherit The End-Main Rp   Inherit The End-Main Rp EmptyMon Oct 11, 2010 7:36 pm

The Great Cataclysm, as it came to be known, was the result of a great civil strife in the ranks of the Tarot Collegium. No one is sure who started the war or to what purpose, but the results were catastrophic. The world itself was torn asunder by the overwhelming power of the titans conflict. Now many years later, the natural order has been thrown into chaos and the only laws are enforced by the few people who have found the weapons of the war or who have been able to amass followers. Madness abounds as gangs vie for control and territory and force oppression upon all victims in the lands they have claimed. In a wrecked world not too different from our own, people eek out a miserable existence, where outlaws and bounty hunters abound. You are one of the few beings fortunate and ill-fated enough to have found an artifact of the ancient war. Your life is now one long chase, as anyone will kill for such a prize, especially the dreaded Collectors.

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Inherit The End-Main Rp
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