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The Tarot Collegium is now open for roleplaying. You are now free to invite people to this forum. I am locking all forums that are incomplete for the purpose of allowing them to be filled out. When a forum is ready for opening, pm Mattaki Setsujin and I will unlock your forum. Thank you for you time and enjoy the Guild.


 Character Bios

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PostSubject: Character Bios   Character Bios EmptyFri Nov 06, 2009 11:36 pm

Alright everyone, this is where all new member will post character bios. Generals and ranking officials have a separate location for their character bios. Since this site is new, I've tried to make an in depth, but not over complicated bio for everyone to use. If you have any suggestions, feel free to run it by me, I'm always open to advice. Generals should post their bios here: http://tarotcollegium.forumotion.com/headmaster-s-office-f1/district-bios-t1.htm

Please post which roleplay the character is for in the description part of the bio or off to the side of the name. The character bios below are mostly for the Tarot Collegium roleplay but are ubiquitous enough to be used for just about anything.

Name: Your name
District: your district and rank, all new members will start out with a "None" here.
Race: what you are.
Weapon: This is the most important part of your character, your weapon defines all of your greater powers and partially your personality. People will remember you by how you utilize your weapon. Your weapon should have a unique power that is not overpowered. Your weapon should have a name as well.
Innate Powers: Very minor powers you have not based on your weapon.
Appearance: what you look like.
Background: where you're from. Feel free to go as indepth into this as possible.
Personality: What you do and act like.
Likes: what you like
Dislikes: what you don't like.
Affiliations: people or places you know.

Name: Cyrus Tristram
District: XIII
Race: Human Cursed by a demon
Weapon: (Bastion)-An electric Guitar-Axe that he can turn into wings. Channels his negative energy into sound that he can blast at foes, enhance his axe damage with, create dark lightning vortexes, or channel into corpses to raise them. He has access to a few more dark and sound based powers as well.
Innate Powers:
He naturally has minor teleportation from his demonic curse, as well as a talent for necromancy. The curse grants him dark power, but the axe he has amplifies it many times over.
Appearance: A young rugged man who could use a shave. He has natural auburn hair goes down to his eyes but is a little shorter in the back, with grey streaks here and there. The curse has made him rather muscular, and he walks with an imperious air.
He was born the illegitimate son of a nobleman and a prostitute. When the nobleman's wife found out she sought a contract with a demon to punish the child for being born and tarnishing their family name. The demon cursed him, but took no pleasure from hurting something so small it could hardly feel pain, so instead he devoured the boys mother. He has never known either of his parents or why he was cursed this way.
Personality: Kind of arrogant, but realizes that there are things he can't handle. Kinda uneven natured, some days he can be extraordinarily patient, and other times violently impatient. Depends on the mood and circumstance.
Likes: Burgers, most nonspicy mexican food, and italian food. He also likes cats. He probably wouldn't eat cats though.
Dislikes: Stupid People, Tim, and chihuahuas. Seriously hates chihuahuas.
Affiliations: None.
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Character Bios
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