Weapon Wielding World-ending Warriors
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The Tarot Collegium is now open for roleplaying. You are now free to invite people to this forum. I am locking all forums that are incomplete for the purpose of allowing them to be filled out. When a forum is ready for opening, pm Mattaki Setsujin and I will unlock your forum. Thank you for you time and enjoy the Guild.

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PostSubject: Re: Introduction   Sat Nov 07, 2009 8:42 pm

I originally made the Tarot Collegium with the goal of simply making just another guild to fill an expanding world. Surprise be to me the turnout it had. Warriors from across the known Cosmos and even beyond that, joined me in my quest to maintain peace in both this and all surrounding worlds. Through pain and hardship the Tarot Collegium has stood tall and proud unwavering in our conviction. I ask you now, will you stand with us willing to give your life for the betterment of our world? If not then I apologize but this is not a path for you to walk. If so then let me as Founder and Guildmaster of the Tarot Collegium be the first to welcome you.
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Mattaki Setsujin

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PostSubject: Re: Introduction   Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:06 pm

Welcome newcommers, this guild as we call it is formed of creatures of all shapes and sizes with powers as formidable as they are unusual. Try to remain creative in your character creation. Also try to be reasonable with your abilities. If you submit that you want your characters weapon to be a dagger the size of a house and his power be that he can rearrange or destroy molecules, you won't be approved... *cough* Kenesen *cough*
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