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The Tarot Collegium is now open for roleplaying. You are now free to invite people to this forum. I am locking all forums that are incomplete for the purpose of allowing them to be filled out. When a forum is ready for opening, pm Mattaki Setsujin and I will unlock your forum. Thank you for you time and enjoy the Guild.

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 City Gates

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Mattaki Setsujin

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PostSubject: City Gates   Fri Nov 06, 2009 2:21 pm

These massive spires are guarded by two stone gatekeepers of magnificent magnitude. The keepers stand watch above, but below is a lightly populated area of some commerce. Many people of many different worlds are gathered here, many of which train to be accepted into a district. On occasion, a member of the district will visit, alway standing out in the cloaks, adorned with symbols and allusions to their status. These occasions are always accompanied by hushed whispers.
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City Gates
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